Brazda, Natalie

Birthday: March 24

My Favorite Things

  • Cookies/Candy:Coffee, Diet Coke, Boom Chicka Pop, Pop Corners
  • Restaurant/shops:Chick-Fil-A, Taco Mama, Melt, Target, HomeGoods, Marshalls
  • Flowers: Mostly allergic, but I like succulents and plants that don’t require much attention
  • Sports Team: Auburn Tigers
  • Font Style: I love monograms of any font.  Initials are NTB.
  • Color: Purple

I Like to Collect: Pressed pennies, photos, and memories

Interests and Hobbies: Craft, read, hike, play with my kids, relax with some good coffee

Classroom Wishlist: Good books, Clorox wipes, stools, fun craft supplies, watercolors and brushes, board games

I never have enough: TIME, but seriously— my room is well stocked! Hot glue sticks (skinny), big paper clips, glue sticks are always needed 🙂