Bailey, Andrea (Lee)

Initials: ALB (Andrea Lee Bailey)

Birthday:December 15

My Favorite Things

  • Cookies/Candy/Snack: Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Fries; plain milk chocolate
  • Restaurant/shops: Starbucks; Chik-Fil-A; Popeyes; Cheesecake Factory, AtHone; Aldi’s; Big Lots; Barnes and Noble
  • Sports Team: Florida Gators
  • Color: pink
  • Flower:anything pink; gardenia

Things I Collect: seasonal salt and pepper shakers and seasonal placemats

Interests and Hobbies: read thrillers and cookbooks

Classroom Wishlist: squishies; small balls; games and toys for breaks with my students

I never have enough: mechanical pencils; small dry erase boards (from dollar tree)