Room Parent Info

Do I want to be a room parent?  What does a room parent do?  As we head into Meet the Teacher and the first day of school, are you considering being a Room Parent this year?

We know you have questions, and we want to try to answer them.  And if you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, then please contact us!  Click here to send a message to our room parent coordinator

What does a room parent do?

First, it’s important to remember that every teacher is different!  Some teachers might want more help than others.  But, in general, room parents provide the teacher with help with things like

  • Parties
  • Field trips
  • Special events
  • Communication with class parents

Class Parties

Does helping with the class parties mean you have to do a Pinterest-worthy spread?  No, not unless you want to!  Generally, you might be asked to plan a snack and activity, communicate with the other parents to get items sent in, and then attend the party to help with the activities.  But again, it depends on the teacher which holidays are celebrated and how.  The important thing as room parent is to communicate with the teacher and help out with what they need.

Field Trips

Does being room parent mean you will need to go on all field trips?  Not necessarily.  Again, it depends on the teacher.  Some field trips don’t need many parents.  Or there might be plenty of other parents who can go.  You can talk to your teacher about your schedule.

Special Events

In November, TCES has a Silent Auction.  Each grade level works together on a gift basket to be auctioned off.  Typically, the room parents in each grade work together on ideas for the basket.  Then each room parent communicates with the parents in their own class to get the basket items donated.

Communication with Parents

Each year, the PTO provides the room parent with contact information for the parents in their class.  The room parent can use that info to email parents about class parties, the Silent Auction, etc.  Also, a few times throughout the year, you might be asked by the Room Mom Coordinator to help spread the word about an event coming up at the school.

Please note:  When you email the other parents in your child’s class, put all the email addresses in BCC to keep each parent’s contact info private.

I’m a Room Parent.  What do I do now?

So you’re a room parent.  What’s next?

We suggest sending 3 kinds of emails to your child’s teacher.  This helps break the ice, and it may make the teacher more comfortable asking for help!

  1. Email your teacher to let your teacher know the days and times that you are free and see if they need any help in the classroom
  2. Email about 2 weeks prior to any field trips to see if the teacher needs any help
  3. Email a few weeks prior to each holiday and ask if the teacher is planning to have a party and what you can do to help

Need more help or advice?  Please contact us!

School Supply Sale

Summer is short, so maybe you’d rather not spend a few days driving from store to store getting all your school supplies.  Well, then we have great news!  This year we are offering school supply kits for sale!  These kits include the exact colors, quantities, and brands that the teachers have requested for class.  You can get your school supply shopping done early, and save a summer day for something else!

Place your order before May 24, and then pick your supplies up at Meet the Teacher!

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Kindergarten Registration is April 25 from 4-6 pm

Kindergarten registration will be held at Trace Crossings Elementary School on Thursday, April 25 from 4-6 pm.  Do you have an incoming kindergartener or know someone who does?  Spread the word!

Kindergarten registration is also an opportunity to help out!  We are currently in need of at least one more parent volunteer to work the sign-in table at kindergarten registration.  It’s an easy way to help out with our school community.  It’s ok if you bring your kids with you – they can hang out in the lobby with their homework or books or electronic devices.  If you are interested in helping, see our sign-up for available time slots or contact us!

Kindergarten Kickoff is April 11

Kindergarten Kickoff is Thursday, April 11 from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm!  Next year’s kindergarteners and parents are invited to join us for an introduction to kindergarten at Trace Crossings Elementary.  The students will get a chance to see classrooms and tour the school while parents hear from administration and staff, including Mr. Collins and Mrs. Edwards.  Other topics will include meals, lunch codes, and lunch accounts; registration from Mrs. Patrice; and illnesses and medication from Nurse Dewberry.  A speaker panel will share their experiences as kindergarten parents and provide advice for getting connected through social media.

Please plan to arrive about 10 minutes early so you can sign in at the lobby.

Thank you for a fun run!

Everyone had a great time at the 2019 Race for Trace fun run!  Each class was introduced by their team name and got to run out onto the field to line up.  After the national anthem and a pace lap, the run began!  To keep everyone going, there was music and theme laps – high five lap, help a friend lap, super hero lap, skipping lap, and more.  Thank you for supporting Trace Crossings Elementary!

Race for Trace is March 26

The 2019 Race for Trace FUN RUN kicks off on Tuesday, March 12 with a pep rally for the kids at school.  This year, we are partnering with Boosterthon to power our Fun Run, and it’s going to be a Mindspark Mystery!  During the two weeks leading up to the fun run, there will be videos during Bucs Broadcast, daily challenges, and fun prizes for the kids to win.  This year, families will collect pledges or donations for every lap.  Then we will all celebrate on fun run day!  Make plans to join us for the Race for Trace on Friday, March 22.  We hope to see you there!