PTO Family Donations

Our school needs your support!!  Please consider making a $20 PTO family donation, if you haven’t done so already this school year.  

COVID has limited our ability to hold some of our most profitable fundraisers this year. But our amazing school still needs our financial support.  The money raised through your generosity helps us to provide direct support for our school’s immediate financial needs and also allows us to help fund special projects that help improve our school.  

You can make your donations through MySchoolFees (under student fees/optional fees/PTO Donation) or you can send in cash/checks directly to the school labeled “PTO Family Donation”.

Win an Echo Dot for your Box Tops!

Box Tops are DUE February 22

It’s time to send in your Box Tops! Did you know that our school earns $0.10 for each Box Top you send in? It may not sound like much, but it really adds up!

The student that raises the most Box Tops money (clipped and/or through the app) by February 22 will win an Amazon Echo Dot!

Clipped Box Tops

All clips must be in a ziploc bag labeled with the student’s name, teacher, and grade.

You can send them in ANY TIME as many times as you need to. So start collecting them and send them in NOW!

Box Tops App

If you use the Box Tops app, be sure to give your student credit!

Do you need to know more or get help with your Box Tops? Check out our helpful information about clipping classic Box Tops, scanning new Box Tops from a receipt, or getting Box Tops for an online grocery order. Need more help? Please contact us – we want to help! Email us at