Staff Appreciation Week – May 6-10

Staff Appreciation Week is May 6-10!  This year has been a gold medal winning year for Team Trace, and we want to congratulate and reward our teachers and staff!

Monday, May 6 – Cheer Them On!  Give your teacher or another staff member a note explaining why he or she is a gold medal winner.  A great way to start might be, “I think you are a gold medal winner because…”

Tuesday, May 7 – Power Up!  Replenish your teacher’s energy by bringing his or her favorite sweet treat or snack.  Ideas can be found here on our web site!

Wednesday, May 8 – Present Flowers.  Gold medal winners always receive flowers, so plesae purchase a single flower or bring one from your home garden to give to your teacher.

Thursday, May 9 – Pass the torch.  Make sure your teacher has the tools to race again by bringing in a school supply for the classroom.  You might find some ideas for what they need by checking our web site!

Friday, May 10 – Remember the coaches and trainers.  Do something SPECIAL for a specials teacher or another staff member today.  After all, it’s FIELD DAY, and you couldn’t have made it here without them!  Give them a note, sweet treat, flower, or anything else you can think of that says how much he or she means to you.